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Students' Representation

Dear students of linguistics, dear colleagues,

We are your students’ representatives as of July 2021: Anika Richter, Michael Meixner, Nina Grassegger (photo f.l.t.r.). As part of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH), we represent your interests before the university, participate in the curricular committee for the preparation of degree programmes and curricula, and are always available if you need help or advice during your studies. In addition, we organise various events and meetings in order to promote exchange between students and to create an inviting, collegial atmosphere at our institute.

Are there any questions about your curriculum, course registration, examinations or legal matters, or do you need other tips and information? We are available to advise! Contact us via e-mail or come along and talk to us at the institute. If necessary, we can also arrange personal consultation hours.

Visit our website or join our Facebook group to stay up to date.




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