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Workshop Topics

The workshop focusses on:

1. NONMANUALS in sign languages

  • their description
  • their functions
  • their interplay/contribution with phonological, morphologic, syntactic, and discourse units
  • their gestural, prosodic, linguistic interpretation/definition/interface
  • their variation
  • iconicity & conceptuality
  • translation challenges


2. CORPUS and SIGNBANK issues

  • creating, enhancing, linking lexicon databases and corpora
  • annotation of nonmanuals in SL corpora and signbanks
  • methods and tools for sign language description
  • different SL corpora (IS, L2, language acquisition, multilingual,…)
  • variation
  • translation within corpora



  • Inclusion of Deaf native perspective in SL description
  • Corpus translation and use of corpora for interpreter training
  • Deaf and sign language rights
  • Language attitude
  • Publishing scientific papers in sign language


When discussing and developing language descriptions and linguistic theories, sign languages also have to be taken into account.

Following this basic idea, our workshop focuses in general on:

  • Discussing, developing, applying linguistic theories which include the fact that language is manifested by different modalities
  • Language comparison (signed – spoken – written)
  • Language description for different linguistic modalities – concepted for language comparison or multimodality of a particular language


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